Monday, January 24, 2011

Fully-Colored Hand Graphics

Here are a few photographs of a fully hand-drawn and colored collection of sections and perspectives that I completed in my Hand Graphics Class.

Foamcore Models

Here are a couple shots of foamcore models I made in my first year.  They are forms for pools.

SketchUp Samples

Plan view of below perspective.
This perspective depicts a proposed multi-use apartment/office space/shopping complex in Tuba City, Arizona.  The existing site is practically a huge dirt lot in a highly dilapidated town in central-northern Arizona

These two sets of images were from a proposed redesign of the "Boys and Girls Club" in Whittier.  It included clearing out 5 vacant and/or badly run down lots and combining them with the existing  B&G Club to create a full-fledged campus for local children to spend time after school and during the summer.
These next three images are part of a proposed design for a home belonging to a couple in Pomona.

Here are a few shots of models I have made in the last couple years in SketchUp.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Construction Materials

Here are some recent construciton documents I've been working on. They are were meant both as a tool to learn the components of walls and pilasters, and as practice of proper formatting.